Music has a special way of reaching people. Seeing the pure joy and happiness that a good set can bring people will never get old for me.

- DJ DTweed -







About DJ DTweed

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Some of Our Clients

New York Jets
Saks Fifth Avenue
Barneys New York
Scratch Events








When my wife and I were planning our baby shower DJ DTweed was FIRST call we made. Daryl’s ability to “play the room” is second to none. Our diverse guest list needed a diverse DJ and DJ DTweed was that and more.

- Stephen G -

DJ DTweed DJ’d my party and we had a blast. Will book him for my future parties and events!

- Jessica M -

We hired DJ D-Tweed to do my wedding and he did a great job. Everything was seamless and my guests had the time of there lives. Thank you so much for helping to making my special night so special!

- Shanaya B -